Episode #265 – A Complicated Path To Heaven

On this episode we talk about what we are watching including discussing some of the new anime releases for next season and we review Fate Stay Night Heaven’s Feel movie 1.

Episode #264 – Edutrashment

We review more Sword Art Online with alicization and Jellokun goes over his current watching trash anime shows and DVD picks as always!


Episode #263 – Rising Of A Shield Hero

On this week’s episode we talk about the unfortunate fire at Kyoto Animation and give our thoughts. Zaldar returns to review Rising Of A Shield Hero with Zac.


Episode #262 – Another Isekai

On this weeks episode we review That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime and we talk DVD picks


Episode #261 – Neverland & Drama

Zaldar returns to join us to review The Promised Neverland and A Town You Live In. Plus we talk what we’ll be watching for Spring 2019 anime, DVD picks and more.


Episode #260 – Goblin Slayer

Zaldar joins us to review Goblin Slayer we also discuss winter 2019 anime and DVD picks!


Episode #259 – Walk On Girl

We talk about what we are watching in the Winter 2019 season. Zac reviews Walk On Girl


Top 5 Anime Of 2018

Zac and Jellokun bring you their top 5 anime of 2018!


Episode #258 – Heading Into The Abyss

We review 2017’s hit show Made In Abyss and we talk DVD picks. We also have some discussion regarding the following topics.

* With Fruits Basket being remade what are your thoughts on a showing be remade?

* Netflix is getting the streaming rights to Neon Genesis Evengellion. They are re-dubbing the show what are your thoughts and opinion on this?


Episode # 257 – Land Of The Lustrous

Zaldar returns to review Land Of The Lustrous!