Sep 19

Episode #229 – Zac’s First Time … Watching B Gata H Kei

bgata Zac reviews B Gata H Kei! AKA Yamada’s First Time.

Aug 27

Episode #228 – Fanservice & Tacos

Webornre back after a long month and half and we bring you anime reviews! Zac reviews High school DxD Born and Jellokun reviews Mayo Chiki! plus somehow we get into a discussion of a great Taco joint in Austin Texas.

Jul 11

Episode #227 – Relife The Fortress

11e57bd58d92fb5aa4af845930afdbf7 This episode Jellokun reviews Relife and Zac reviews Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress plus DVD picks and more.

Jun 25

Episode #226 – Summer 2016 Anime

Summer-2016-animeThis week we discuss the upcoming summer 2016 anime season.

May 30

The Banzai Beat #225 – Pretty Food

food-wars-lol Zac reviews Food Wars!

May 01

Episode #224 – Train Whistles

maxresdefaultJohn returns to the show to review last season’s GATE with Zac!

Apr 12

Episode #223 – Konosuba!

Konosuba-1 We review Konosuba and talk the new season of anime!

Mar 28

Episode #222 – Erased

erased We review Erased!

Mar 14

Episode #221 – The NHK Is Back

tatsuhiro_satou_welcome_to_the_NHKWe review episodes 24 – 48 of Monster and Welcome To The NHK!

Feb 16

Episode #220 – Monster Love

monsterWe discuss whats on our “Plan To Watch” list and Jellokun talks about the first 24 episodes of Monster

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