Dec 16

Episode #258 – Heading Into The Abyss

We review 2017’s hit show Made In Abyss and we talk DVD picks. We also have some discussion regarding the following topics.

* With Fruits Basket being remade what are your thoughts on a showing be remade?

* Netflix is getting the streaming rights to Neon Genesis Evengellion. They are re-dubbing the show what are your thoughts and opinion on this?


Dec 03

Episode # 257 – Land Of The Lustrous

Zaldar returns to review Land Of The Lustrous!


Nov 06

Episode #256 – Double Dose Of Titans


On this episode we have two reviews of Attack On Titan related media. Jellokun reviews part 1 of the live action English dubbed movie. Zac reviews the third season of the anime. Plus we discuss what we are watching for fall 2018 and DVD picks!


Sep 29

Episode #255 – Panic Park

A packed episode as always as Jellokun reviews Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory and Zac reviews Amagi Brilliant Park. We also discuss our new website redesign and DVD picks.


Aug 11

Episode #254 – Boxing With Retro Games

On this episode Jellokun reviews Megalobox and Zac reviews Rance a retro hentai game from the MSX days of computing (the 80s) how does it hold up today?


Jul 28

Episode #253 – Moe Terrorist Killing Simulator Show Volume 3

We are back from a summer vacation and should you watch the NRA’s favorite anime Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online? you should listen and find out!


May 02

Episode #252 – Knights & Numbers

Image result for Chivalry of a failed knightOn this episode we talk about the currently airing anime, what we are enjoying and Jellokun reviews 18if and Zac reviews Chivalry of A Failed Knight


Apr 15

Episode #251 – RE-LIFE OVAs

The new season of anime is upon us we talk whats airing. Plus DVD picks and Jellokun discusses the Re-Life OVA specials that recently were released.


Mar 26

Episode #250 – Overlord

We talk podcasting, What we are interested in the new spring 2018 shows and Zac reviews season 1 and 2 of Overlord.


Feb 19

Episode 249: Double Dose Of Crybaby

After the last episode Jellokun took a look at Crybaby and watched the entire thing and wanted to add some comments. Zacc also watched the anime as well and gives his thoughts. This will be the last time we touch this anime.


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