Episode #288 – Bulletproof

Zac learns the origin of Rally Vincent in our review of 1989’s Riding Bean!

Episode #287 – Guns & Girls

We bring you two show reviews this episode with Zac reviewing Gun Smith Cats and Jellokun reviewing Citrus. Plus we talk about what we’ve been watching and more!

Episode #286 – This Podcast Is Shittier Than Real Life

Jellokun talks new airing shows such as Girlfriend, Girlfriend and reviews Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life!

Episode #285 – Slaying The Wonder Eggs

A packed episode where we talk Demon Slayer and review the movie along with Wonder Egg Priority

Episode #284 – Season 1 Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Zaldar returns to review Juibei-Chan: Ninja Girl Season 2!

Episode #283 – Spring 2021 Spectacular

Another season of anime is upon us and we bring you 9 different episode 1 recaps and reviews!
* Koikimo
* SSSS.Dynazenon
* Higehiro
* Odd Taxi
* Full Dive
* Super Cub
* NOMAD: Megalobox 2
* Don’t Toy With Me Ms. Nagatoro-San
* Tokyo Revengers

Episode #282 – Winter 2021 Anime

We talk about the shows we are watching including

* Wonder Egg Priority
* Attack On Titan Final Season
* The Promised Neverland Season 2
* Higurashi Gou
* Jobless Reincarnation

Episode #281 – Top 5 Anime Of 2020

Its our favorite episode of the year our look at the top 5 anime of 2020!

Episode #280 – Hate For Higurashi

On this episode we talk about what we’ve been watching and give a quick summary of the following shows

  • I Tried Asking While Cow Towing
  • Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
  • The Day I Became A God
  • Over The Moon For You

and then we talk about the current airing edition of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

The Banzai Beat #280 – Hate For Higurashi

Episode #279 – Anime Music

A very fun episode this week where Zac and Jellokun talk about their favorite music. Do they watch openings and endings? They then run down their favorite tracks from different anime. Then there is a Cicada conspiracy a-foot with the latest When They Cry!

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