Episode #314 – Konosuba Season 3

We review Konosuba season 3 and discuss several new airing shows!

Episode #313 – This & That

We talk about what we are watching and looking forward to watch in Summer 2024!

Episode #312 – Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable!

A low key romantic comedy wrapped in tourism!

Episode #311 – Solo Leveling

Jellokun reviews Solo Leveling and we talk new airing shows in the spring 2024 season.

Episode #310 – Gushing Over Magical Girls

We swear this is the last time we talk about this show, we do a proper review.

Episode #309 – Various Topics

No formal review this episode but we talk about. various topics such as the death of Akira Toriyama, Dr. Slump, Dragon Ball Z and what we’ve been watching and more!

Episode #308 – Ghost In The Shell

Fred reviews the 1995 movie Ghost In The Shell!

Episode #307 – FLCL Grunge

Fred & Jellokun return to talk what they are watching and Jellokun reviews FLCL Grunge

Episode #306 – Professor Oak Is A Jerk

We talk about Gushing Over Magical Girls episodes 2 and 3. We also went back and watched the first two episodes of Pokemon from 1998 and realized Professor Oak is a jerk plus tons more.

Episode #305 – Is Spy X Family Season 2 Worth Watching?

The winter 2024 anime season is upon us and we talk about what we are watching, will be watching and Fred reviews Spy X Family season 2.