Episode #99 Sayonara to fan service

This episode doesn’t have any reviews as Jellokun recorded this by himself. Although this was recorded prior to the vote for the Bill #156. Jellokun discusses the possible issues and asks for your opinions. Send your comments, opinions to Banzaibeat@gmail.com.

There will be no episodes until 1/8/2011. If you want some more podcast fun in your ears check out Otakast Radio


Episode #98 – Death Angels

This week we discuss the latest news of the week such as Sekirei selling out who knew a show with big boobs and girls fighting sells out! plus we’ve got the dvd picks and WTF of the week. Finally we have a review of Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan. leave some feedback or feel free to e-mail us by clicking the envelope on the right hand side. Enjoy the show! Continue reading


Episode #97 – Can’t Be This Cute!

This week’s show we review Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai with the unfortunate English translation of “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute” plus the week in anime news, DVD picks and our Sankacku Complex WTF of the week. Does the show title really reflect the content of the show? You’ll find out by clicking the play button.


Episode #96 – Masochist Crossdressers

This is episode 96 Jellokun said 97 DOH! None the less Jellokun has a review of MM! the current show that features a young man who is a masochist and turns to his school volunteer club for help.

Plus some news about 4Kids, some cross dressing manga and Media Blasters bringing back Boys Love manga.


Episode #95 – Conspiracy Hunters

Ecchi Goujinsama from http://aniverse.info joins us this week as we review Welcome to the NHK. Plus the return of “Real hentai title or not?” and all the news, DVD picks and our WTF of the week.


Holy crap Zaldar joins Twitter!!! FOLLOW NOW!

After much prodding Zaldar has joined the rest of us in the 21st century you can now follow Zaldar! Click here to follow him.

Episode #94 – Fighting Wood

After a small break of moving across country Jellokun and Zaldar return. As promised from episode 93 Jellokun reviews Genshiken 2. Being Halloween (not too long ago) Zaldar graces us with a review of a Japan horror film from 1977 entitled House. The show features a girl named Kung Fu and the review might be the best review ever on The Banzai Beat. Plus anime news, DVD picks and our WTF of the week.


Episode 92 & 93 for download

Hey everyone been very busy not updating the website. The best places to find the episodes are iTunes or Twitter (http://twitter.com/jellokun) is where I announce the episode updates.  Either way here are hte latest 2 episodes.

Episode 92: Squids, Harems and Leaks OH MY!
The Banzai Beat Episode 92

In 92 we talk about Squid Girl, My Sister Can’t Be This Cute, The World Only God Knows and Yosuga No Sora along with ANN leaking episodes and more

Episode 93: Riot Otaku
The Banzai Beat Episode 93

China is rioting over Japan plus you can find love in the Lucky Star city for a mere 8k yen if your a Japanese male.  Plus we review Genshiken

Episode 91: Harder Please

The new fall season of anime has begun and of course we have to say something. We talk about MM! and Panty and Stocking with garter belt, We’ve got all the weeks news and opinions with DVD picks and our widly popular WTF of the week.


Episode 90: Recettear

A J-RPG has been translated and dropped off on the shores of America. We’ve got the review, overall we liked it although it was quite difficult or we can’t play video games to save our lives. You can purchase or download the game HERE Plus we have all the news, DVD picks and WTF of the week. Continue reading