Episode 76: Steel Angel Hijinx

Ecchi Goujinsama from Aniverse.info joins Jellokun this week. Jellokun reviews season 1 and the Encore OVA of Steel Angel Kurumi.

00:00 – 26:12 | Intro random topics
26:12 – 50:44 | Anime news
50:44 – 58:00 | WTF of the week
58:00 – 61:32 | DVD picks of the week
61:32 – 79:18 | Steel Angel Kurumi season 1
79:18 – 88:10 | Random topics and outro


Episode 75: Le Chevron

Zaldar reviews Le’chevalier d’eon plus all the news, DVD picks and our WTF of the week.

00:00 – 11:33 – Intro
Welcome to the show!

11:33 – 12:01 – Otaku Mitsukai promo
Save 10% off your order by using the coupon code BANZAI when you check out.

12:02 – 41:22 – Anime News of the week
A boys love bar?

41:22 – 49:31 – WTF of the week
Mio voice actress wears a ring fans say she is “damaging Mio’s good name”,Americans calling themselves an Otaku and Mexican bull fighter gored though mouth

49:31 – 52:46 – DVD Picks of the week
Buy what we say!

52:45 – 63:31 – le’chevalier d’eon review

63:31 – 67:43 – Show wrap up


Episode 74: Doin the laundry


The Banzai Beat returns with HENTAI! Jellokun reviews the auspiciously named title “Dirty Laundry” but is it worth a viewing? Plus the news of the week, WTF of the week and of course our DVD Picks.  Feel free to drop us an e-mail banzaibeat@gmail.com and let us know about your opinions on the show.

00:00 – 12:34 – Intro
What we’ve been up too, what we’ve been watching.
12:34 –  13:09 – http://otakumitsukai.com promo
save 10% on any order over $30 by using the coupon code BANZAI
13:09 – 24:30 – Anime news
Black Rock Shooter news, 4Kids losing money, Funimation acquiring new shows and more.
24:30 – 34:20 – WTF of the week
Final Fantasy not an RPG? a game where you strip women using the eyetoy and more
34:20 – 50:06 – Review of Dirty Laundry
who you gonna call when your clothes are dirty?
50:06 – 53:34 – Wrap up
Just finishing out the show,  thanks for listening!


Episode 73: An Awakning

Jellokun reviews Mezzo, while Patz and Zaldar discuss anime and manga. Plus all the news, DVD picks of the week and our WTF of the week.


Episode #72 – Now with less yelling

This week Jellokun & Zaldar bring you ecchi filled reviews. Zaldar reviews the fan game “Slave Maker 3.0” and Jellokun reviews B Geta H Kei. Plus all the news, DVD picks and the WTF of the week. Remember you can now watch us live on livestream.com Every Sunday at 7pm est http://www.livestream.com/banzaibeat see you there!


Episode #71 – Arcade Gamer Detour

Jellokun returns with a review of Arcade gamer fubuki and John Paul from FightBait.com and calls in with a con report from Anime Detour. Also the latest news from the anime industry, DVD picks of the week and our awesome WTF of the week (well in context of what it is similar to)


Episode 70: Lets start a loli witch hunt

This week Jellokun & Zaldar discuss the latest anime news including Wikipedia distributing Loli images and being labeled as child porn. Plus Zaldar has a review of The Girl Who Lept Though Time. That and DVD Picks, Our WTF of the week and more!


Episode 69: The real one

Were back to our regular episode format after all the fun from the bonus episode. Zaldar returns to his rightful place as well, all the news of the week, DVD picks and more plus a look at the Spring 2010 anime season.


BONUS Episode – It all went to hell

This was suppose to be a real episode but turned into a crazy episode of randomness! this is totally 100% not edited so bare with a few of the skype hiccups but @Fightbait, @ecchi_goshujin and Fernando from Anime3000.com we talk about news and the child idol industry and more like its just so random YOU MUST LISTEN.

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Episode #68 – Step Up

[On this show]

News, DVD picks and WTF of the week. Zaldar also reviews “Step Up A Love Story” a romance comedy about a newly married couple who are both virgins.