Podcast Update

Hi Everybody,

We haven’t put out an episode in nearly a month and that is because both Zaldar and myself have both been attending to personal issues related to work. He is studying to go back to school while I’m studying for my CCENT certification exam. We love podcasting but it doesn’t pay our bills… Actually I’ve probably spent a lot of time and money I’ve never earned a dime. None the less we are planning on another show soon. Secondly if your subscribed to the podcast though iTunes the feed will be dying and be put back but in the mean time it is best you manually use the following feed address.

Feed URL: http://www.banzaibeat.com/rss/banzaibeat.xml

During the month I let one of my domains expire and I didn’t use it for anything and then it dawned on me today that feed has been unreachable for quite some time. I’m working with iTunes to delete the feed and then get the new feed updated but they don’t make it easy. I hope we can maintain the number of listeners though out this transition. Back when I first started podcasting I didn’t know a thing about feeds and always kept around the old domain just because now its gone!

We hope to be back soon in the next week Zaldar is in the process of fixing his PC the power supply went bad! hopefully come next weekend we’ll be back and producing new episodes.

Thanks everyone.




    • zaldar on February 17, 2012 at 12:09 pm
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    For those interested I am going to law school so was studying for the lsat and now writing essays (while looking for a job). Computer is fixed but that was only one of many recent battles. I also apologize and will try to come back soon, but your getting this for free so….

    • BushinCat on February 21, 2012 at 5:44 pm
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    Jellokun, Zaltar…. i hope you’ll be back soon (Good Luck on that CCENT test and Zaltar…..stop buying japanese power cords, they allways burn out early! ^_^) i just wanted to link this http://www.hakuoki.com/agegate . is this something u guys like? thanks

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