Episode 91: Harder Please

The new fall season of anime has begun and of course we have to say something. We talk about MM! and Panty and Stocking with garter belt, We’ve got all the weeks news and opinions with DVD picks and our widly popular WTF of the week.


Episode 90: Recettear

A J-RPG has been translated and dropped off on the shores of America. We’ve got the review, overall we liked it although it was quite difficult or we can’t play video games to save our lives. You can purchase or download the game HERE Plus we have all the news, DVD picks and WTF of the week. Continue reading


Episode 89: Kitty Diaries

This week Jellokun reviews Sakura Diaries and both admit to playing a certain online MMO game. Plus the news, DVD picks and the WTF of the week.


Episode 88: 2010 Fall Preview

No awesome title this week, at the start of the show we said we’d do a review of Sakura Diaries that will wait until next week because we have no concept of time management. We cover the news, dvd picks and a wtf of the week then we cover all the upcoming shows start in Fall. What do you want to see? let us know banzaibeat@gmail.com


Episode 87: The Hina Mudholes

We bring you not one, not two but THREE reviews. But they are only one show Love Hina. Jellokun reviews the winter, spring and ova shows in a round up. Plus the news, WTF of the week and dvd picks. Plus other fun stuff!


Episode 86: Otakon 2010 YOOOOO

Patz Prime joins us once again he tells us about his time at Otakon 2010, anime news, dvd picks, WTF of the week and a review of dead leaves.


Episode 85: Contests & Triguns

Jellokun reviews Trigun!

00:00 – 09:23 | Show Intro
09:23 – 36:48 | Anime News
36:48 – 39:02 | DVD Picks
39:02 – 41:57 | WTF Of The Week
41:57 – 65:54 | Trigun Review
65:54 – 68:26 | Show Outro


Episode 84: Hentai god intern

This episode is nearly 2 hours in length! We talk all the latest news, DVD picks and review “Anime Sluts” plus all kinds of other things!PLUS you can win a freeĀ  Rin Tohsaka figurine from Fate /! E-Mail banzaibeat@gmail.com and suggest an anime to watch. The winner will be picked live on August 6th. The only thing is US residents only (sorry expensive shipping)

So get those anime suggestions in and you could be walking away with a free Rin Tohsaka figure from Fate/Stay Night.

00:00:00 – 00:20:16 | Show Intro
00:20:16 – 00:56:14 | Anime News
00:56:14 – 00:67:01 | WTF of the week
00:67:01 – 00:68:31 | Otakast Prime promo, Otakumitsukai.com promo & Fightbait.com promo
00:70:26 – 00:76:40 | DVD Picks of the week
00:74:40 – 00:92:26 | Review of Anime Sluts
00:92:26 – 00:113:10 | Contest details, Funimation’s new releases and show outro.


Episode 83: What an ending

Aaron from Otakumitsukai.com stops by to discuss the hot topics of anime and a review of School Days


Episode 82: Petitions and Leaves

Crazy women wants to ban manga in her public library because her kid is now in a mental hospital!?!?! plus Zaldar reviews The House of Five Leaves.

00:00 – 15:37 | Intro
15:37 – 43:33 | News
43:33 – 46:17 | DVD Picks
46:17 – 52:03 | WTF of the week
52:03 – 59:44 | Review of The House of Five Leaves
59:44 – 60:41 | Show Wrap up