Episode 69: The real one

Were back to our regular episode format after all the fun from the bonus episode. Zaldar returns to his rightful place as well, all the news of the week, DVD picks and more plus a look at the Spring 2010 anime season.


BONUS Episode – It all went to hell

This was suppose to be a real episode but turned into a crazy episode of randomness! this is totally 100% not edited so bare with a few of the skype hiccups but @Fightbait, @ecchi_goshujin and Fernando from Anime3000.com we talk about news and the child idol industry and more like its just so random YOU MUST LISTEN.

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Episode #68 – Step Up

[On this show]

News, DVD picks and WTF of the week. Zaldar also reviews “Step Up A Love Story” a romance comedy about a newly married couple who are both virgins.


Episode #67 – Define Lustful


We dare you to define Lustful? why you may ask? because a new law to erase children from anime that may be perceived as “Lustful” EXPLAIN THIS also Jellokun reviews Summer Wars.


Episode #66 – Internet Crybabies

Jellokun discusses the Funimation controversy and reviews Video Girl Ai.


Episode #65 – This isn’t Eden.

Jellokun reviews Eden Of The East and more!


Episode 64 – Bundtastic

Jellokun & Zaldar discuss both the manga and anime of Dance In The Vampire Bund… Plus the usual stuff.


Episode 63: Stop butlering yourself

Jellokun & Zaldar return after a few weeks of off time. In this weeks show Jellokun reviews Ladies VS Butlers a current running anime. Also the news, DVD picks and our WTF of the week.


Episode 61 – Baka Zaldar & Episode 62 – Football…Oh wait

Due to my personal life being so damn busy I haven’t had time to update the website. Every episode does get released via iTunes though so if you want to stay the most current please listen via iTunes. Enjoy these two episodes from the past two weeks.

Episode #61 – Baka Zaldar

Episode #62 – Football…Oh wait

Episode #60 – Cobra durararararara!!


Jellokun lets you know about the latest titles from Japan Cobra the animation and Durarara!!. Zaldar also reviews Fairy Musketeers.
Plus we unvail two new segments one being a game show called “Real hentai title or not” and anther one called WTF of the week from sankaku complex.
Plus all the latest news, DVD picks and NEW intros!
enjoy the show and feel free to leave comments at our site https://www.banzaibeat.com or e-mail us banzaibeat@gmail.com