Episode #124 – Sex Goddess

This week we talk about Oh My Sex Godess and you’ve got to hear the dialouge and the story behind this hentai! plus a man robs a store with ??? You need to listen and find out.


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    • Wakashi on December 3, 2011 at 7:06 pm
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    I just had to comment when I heard one of you say that “Chihayafuru” is not worth watching. You really need to actually finish at least the first two episodes before forming an opinion. This show is not “moe” (it’s a jousei title), the characters actually have their own personalities and they don’t feel like they’re just copies from other shows. The card game itself is more of a plot-tool rather than the actual focus of the show, you would know this if you gave it a real chance and at least two episodes.
    The first episode just tries to establish who the characters are and their goals. If you actually want a show that isn’t full of cliches, otaku-pandering, and fluff, I highly recommend that you give Chihayafuru a real watch without any bias. I wasn’t even planning on watching myself because I didn’t want to deal with another card game anime ever again, but it’s definitely not what I was expecting.

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