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Nov 22

Episode #96 – Masochist Crossdressers

This is episode 96 Jellokun said 97 DOH! None the less Jellokun has a review of MM! the current show that features a young man who is a masochist and turns to his school volunteer club for help. Plus some news about 4Kids, some cross dressing manga and Media Blasters bringing back Boys Love manga. …

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Jul 28

Episode 84: Hentai god intern

This episode is nearly 2 hours in length! We talk all the latest news, DVD picks and review “Anime Sluts” plus all kinds of other things!PLUS you can win a free  Rin Tohsaka figurine from Fate /! E-Mail banzaibeat@gmail.com and suggest an anime to watch. The winner will be picked live on August 6th. The …

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Nov 18

Episode 52: Random part 1

[Summary] This episode was very random it was a slow news week and so we discussed a lot of different things. Jellokun also reviews Hayate The Combat Butler. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] as I’ve been saying things will get updated soon.