Episode 92 & 93 for download

Hey everyone been very busy not updating the website. The best places to find the episodes are iTunes or Twitter (http://twitter.com/jellokun) is where I announce the episode updates.  Either way here are hte latest 2 episodes.

Episode 92: Squids, Harems and Leaks OH MY!
The Banzai Beat Episode 92

In 92 we talk about Squid Girl, My Sister Can’t Be This Cute, The World Only God Knows and Yosuga No Sora along with ANN leaking episodes and more

Episode 93: Riot Otaku
The Banzai Beat Episode 93

China is rioting over Japan plus you can find love in the Lucky Star city for a mere 8k yen if your a Japanese male.  Plus we review Genshiken

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