Episode 90: Recettear

A J-RPG has been translated and dropped off on the shores of America. We’ve got the review, overall we liked it although it was quite difficult or we can’t play video games to save our lives. You can purchase or download the game HERE Plus we have all the news, DVD picks and WTF of the week.



    • S on November 20, 2020 at 6:54 am
    • Reply

    Found this Podcast and Episode because I am playing Recettear at the moment

    Im 8 minutes into the Episode and you arent talking about Recettear at all! What is this?

    33 Minutes in you FINALLY start talking about the game. Thats the last like 20% (12 minutes) of the podcast.

    Why make it the title of the episode when it takes you 33 minutes to start talking about it?

    1. Hi Steven,

      We often leave the meat and potatoes for the mid / end part of the podcast we typically talk about what we are watching, news items or things of that nature as well upcoming DVD / Blu-Ray releases then we get into the main topic of the show. I appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback I do hope you check out more episodes. Enjoy Recettear! Another game in the genre I’ve enjoyed probably better is Moonlighter which has a very similar concept without a half naked elf girl!

      Thanks again.

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