Episode 79: Tokkotastic

THis week a review of Tokko a 13 episode supernatural drama about murder, monsters and cute girls with swords! plus the news, DVD picks and WTF of the week. Oh yeah and that thing called E3.. Plus Zaldar sings

00:00 – 11:57 | Intro
11:57 – 30:53 | Anime News
30:53 – 41:53 | WTF of the week
41:53 – 65:09 | Review of Tokko
65:06 – 74:41 | Show wrap up


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    • zaldar on September 14, 2010 at 3:06 pm
    • Reply

    Oh my you didn’t take out my singing…and the record producers are not commenting on how great it was??? WHAT???? Going to have to listen to this one again..

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