Episode 74: Doin the laundry


The Banzai Beat returns with HENTAI! Jellokun reviews the auspiciously named title “Dirty Laundry” but is it worth a viewing? Plus the news of the week, WTF of the week and of course our DVD Picks.  Feel free to drop us an e-mail banzaibeat@gmail.com and let us know about your opinions on the show.

00:00 – 12:34 – Intro
What we’ve been up too, what we’ve been watching.
12:34 –  13:09 – http://otakumitsukai.com promo
save 10% on any order over $30 by using the coupon code BANZAI
13:09 – 24:30 – Anime news
Black Rock Shooter news, 4Kids losing money, Funimation acquiring new shows and more.
24:30 – 34:20 – WTF of the week
Final Fantasy not an RPG? a game where you strip women using the eyetoy and more
34:20 – 50:06 – Review of Dirty Laundry
who you gonna call when your clothes are dirty?
50:06 – 53:34 – Wrap up
Just finishing out the show,  thanks for listening!


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