Episode #282 – Winter 2021 Anime

We talk about the shows we are watching including

* Wonder Egg Priority
* Attack On Titan Final Season
* The Promised Neverland Season 2
* Higurashi Gou
* Jobless Reincarnation


    • TheOhioOne on March 15, 2021 at 11:53 pm
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    This was a great episode, however, I have some qualms with jello’s explanation of jobless reincarnation. I understand that at this point he had only seen two episodes, but way too much was spent talking about the ecchi scenes. While they can be kinda annoying especially at the beginning when he’s a baby, I feel less time should have been spent on talking about it.

    There are so many better things to talk about the show, like the magic system. In the first episode, it’s introduced that there are two ways of casting magic in this world: The most common way is by reciting a decently long phrase in order to call upon the magic, however, some magic users can also skip that and cast without using the phrase. I think this system is actually really cool, and it makes it easy for people to start learning how to use magic in the fantasy world.

    Another thing that’s really great is the animation. There are some absolutely stunning scenes of Rudeus casting magic, like in the very first episode, when he creates a giant ball of water that blows a hole in the side of the house. The fight scenes are also incredible, in the most recent episode I watched, there was a great scene where a character takes out a bunch of wolves and it was so smooth and well animated.

    Unfortunately, the show will be ending next week because for some reason it is only 11 episodes. Unless something that makes me hate the show happens, it has to be the top anime that I’ve watched this season.

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