Mar 28 2017

Episode #235 – Not As Funny And Weird Sounding

This episode Jellokun & Zac reviews Konosuba 2 and Zac reviews Kiznaiver


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  1. Jon Maness

    Macross was Robotech, not Voltron. Very different.

  2. Mainwarudo Kohna

    Hey Zack,
    Are you going to review Kuzu no Honkai?

    1. Zac

      Yes! In fact Jellokun and I are going to together this weekend!

      1. Mainwarudo Kohna

        Dear Zac,
        That is awesome! I love Kuzu no Honkai! Its a great anime and manga! I hope you guys liked it.

      2. Mainwarudo Kohna

        Dear Zac,
        You guys are awesome! Keep doing what your doing!

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