Sep 19 2016

Episode #229 – Zac’s First Time … Watching B Gata H Kei

bgata Zac reviews B Gata H Kei! AKA Yamada’s First Time.


  1. Mainwarudo Kohna

    Hey Banzai Beat,
    I have watched B Gata H Kei, and I love it. Its so funny. Since I have seen it and have seen several reviews on it, I know a fair bit about B Gata H Kei. Also, I don’t know if you were aware, but you didn’t really summarize the plotline very well. If I didn’t know the show as well I do, then I wouldn’t have known it was B Gata H Kei that you were reviewing.

  2. zaldar

    Hey Zack – this is Zaldar the old cohost. You are very very wrong about Yona of the dawn. Main character goes through a very interesting growth arc that is worth watching. It is NOT your normal romance anime. Give this another shot.

    1. Zac

      Hey Zaldar, I very much enjoyed the two new episodes you did. Sounds like we have some similar tastes so I will have to give Yona of the Dawn another chance. I heard you talk about Phoenix Wright, but the game I got into, and I think you would like is Danganronpa. You can get both 1 and 2 on steam now. I think you would enjoy it because it is a murder mystery with elements of “who dun it” and trials.

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