Episode #221 – The NHK Is Back

tatsuhiro_satou_welcome_to_the_NHKWe review episodes 24 – 48 of Monster and Welcome To The NHK!



    • John A. on July 21, 2016 at 10:41 am
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    I am a listener who found your podcast very recently. I have noticed a trend that I hope you can easily correct because the broadcasters seem to be very seasoned hosts.

    During this podcast, at 10:01 to 19:30, an anime was reviewed. The title was never mentioned. There was not one character’s name mentioned.

    As I have been binge listening, I have noticed that the above example happens in almost every podcast. Please help us listeners by book-ending your reviews with the title, if possible (or whatever feels natural to you to give us that information).

    John A.

  1. Hi John,

    First off thank you so much taking the time to listen I hope you’ve been enjoying the show! I went back and listened to the episode and your 100% correct it was like I was about to say the show title and I just moved on I didn’t even realize this. The show I was talking about was OniAi from Funimation.

    I’ll be honest I was unaware I was even doing it and will now be mindful when I bring up shows off the cuff like that to be sure I always say what is it because of course you’d want to know otherwise you wouldn’t be listening!

    Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention. If you have any other suggestions or feedback please let me know.


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