Episode #217 – Top 5 Anime of 2015

mo-moneyWe list our top 5 anime of 2015!



    • Asexual Toasterkin on December 30, 2015 at 10:26 pm
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    I didn’t watch Charlotte but it’s making quite a few lists, gonna have to start that series…

    My top 5 would be something like:
    Non Non Biyori Repeat
    Hibike Euphonium
    Tesagure Bukatsumono Spin-off Purupurun Sharumu to Asobou
    Hacka Doll

    I don’t have iTunes but if I did I’d give you 5 stars.

    1. Thanks for comment Asexual Toasterkin, Love the name by the way!
      The top 5 is my favorite episode to do throughout the year so I am glad people are taking the time to listen to it.

      I have mixed feelings about Charlotte as I eluded to in the review in Episode 212. That being said we spoil the hell out of it during the review and if dispute my mixed feelings i really do think you should give it a shot before you listen. It is fairly short and has its merits. Just prepare for a pacing train-wreck at the end.

      That is an interesting top five. I see that you are a big fan of cute girls doing funny things. The only show I have seen on your list however is Hibike Euphonium, which I am still in the process of finishing. pretty good so far though. I nearly watched Hacka Doll just because I love Studio Trigger but I have yet to start. What do you enjoy about it?
      Non Non looks like a Yuri Yuri to me. Which means to me it is archetypal girls having fun and being funny. Not to say that is boring but I barely made it through K-On season 2 which is my favorite of those types. Am I right in my assumptions or should I give it a try?
      Finally Osomatsu-san seems to be popping up everywhere in Gifs but I am unsure what it is about.

      No worries about Itunes, but I am glad you think so highly of us. Got anything you would like to see on our podcast or anything we can improve just comment here, I check every week so I’ll answer anything before our next recording session!

        • Asexual Toasterkin on January 7, 2016 at 11:39 pm
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        Hacka Doll is pure comedy, the parodies of other anime made me laugh.
        Yuru Yuri’s not good but Non Non Biyori is quite peaceful and relaxing, so if you think slice of life shows are boring don’t bother. Funnier than K-ON!! though.
        Don’t miss Osomatsu-san, you both need to watch it, just watch it. They’ve taken the first episode down from Crunchyroll because it was TOO MUCH, so you’ll have to acquire it by other means.

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