Episode #214 – Stardust Crusaders

jojo-bizarre-adventureThis week we talk Crunchy Roll sub amounts and Zac reviews Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders



    • zaldar on December 18, 2015 at 12:58 am
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    wait wait wait … you don’t like ghost in the shell the original movie or the series … … WHAT THE HELL!!! I mean next you will say you don’t like Eva … I need to come back to the show just so I can slap you upside the head!!!


    And the big thing on paying for crunchyroll no commercials.

    • zaldar on December 18, 2015 at 1:12 am
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    I also didn’t like the newest jojo much when it became a normal shjo show. What made it good before was the differences in it and a normal show. The ripple was a much better idea as it had real rules and totally wasn’t completely off the wall where anything goes. The first part had character development and plot outside simple battles. The second part didn’t have this. Was just simple shjo which is really the worst type of anime.

    Glad the fight scenes are still cool but that isn’t enough to carry a whole show.

    1. Hey Zaldar, thanks for dropping in to comment. Even with the threat of possible violence >.< Sorry in the delay to comment I was away briefly and then recovering from wisdom teeth removal. To be fair to GITS I was confused by the movie and i only watched the first two episodes of the show. It could be my poor attention span related to Sci-fi I have. I want to know what goal or mystery is being solved right away. GITS seemed to take forever to reveal the plot device. I have to embarrassing admit I have not seen Eva yet. I was waiting for all the movies to come out since I was told that would be the most succinct way for me to view the whole story. Crunchyroll is truly the greastest anime streaming service, Netflix occasionally has an influx of shows and even made Knights of Sidonia but other than those two all the platforms either have terrible interfaces or no shows. Now to address this second comment transgression. Perhaps I have to clarify my review a bit since I agree with the stated, "simple shjo being the worst form for anime". While JoJo does just have repeated battles all throughout stardust crusaders and in a lot of ways is inferior to the first season I believe it still has a lot of merits. First of all the cast, In the previous installment we had Dio, a Jojo ancester and a Zepelli and a few minor characters. This time around we have 5 main protagonists (6 with Iggy). That each get fleshed and I love character development. Not everything went, because they were constrained by a time limit (much like the rings in the first season) where they had to go defeat Dio. This keeps the show on a nice pacing. Pacing as you most likely agree is a huge problem in anime. They also were constrained to the abilities of stands. While some were seemingly ridiculous, they were all explained to stem from the same power source and had attributes rated A to E. By fight seems I also meant something a little different. Since the abilities were so varied I really enjoyed the battle of the wits that arouse between the protagonists and villains. Not all the abilities were combat focused and many of the encounters kept me on the edge of my seat like D'Arby the gambler or the baby that could invade dreams. So while I agree with your sentiments about shjo and fight scenes. I believe Jojo has much more than that and is able to please those that care about plot and storytelling.

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