Episode #196: FMP = You & Me

full-metal-panic-the-second-raid_4Jellokun reviews Full Metal Panic The Second raid along with DVD picks and we read listener feedback. We will watch Love Lab?



    • CBM on December 19, 2014 at 2:19 pm
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    My God, what a train wreck of a podcast… this is like downs syndrome kids beating each other with sacks of dead fish. And this was the very first site that came up from a google search of “animepodcast”. The absolute trash heap of more craptastic childish anime featured on the show reminds me why I stopped watching this stuff back in the early 2000s.

    Still entertaining though.

  1. CBM,

    Not sure if you’ll ever read this but first off thank you for at least checking out our podcast and good to see my SEO is working well in Google. Secondly I know its a back handed compliment but at least you were entertained by us. Cowboy Bebop and Lain in my opinion are both great anime. Cowboy Bebop is what got me into anime in the first place. Lain, well Lain takes some getting used to and its a mind fuck type of show either way a lot of anime has come and gone since the 2000 / 2001 bubble of anime that washed ashore in North America.

    Back then anime was on top because of Pokemon and a lot of video distributions thought that if they licensed anime the money would come. There is a lot of good anime out there and if your looking for something like Cowboy Bebop check out Black Lagoon it is 2 seasons and can easily be found on Blu-Ray and there is an OVA called Robert’s Blood Trail. I do hope you listen again in the future I know my speaking isn’t always the greatest and I don’t have the “made for radio voice” but I’m passionate about anime and for 7 years now I’ve been podcasting and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.

    The podcast genere as a whole though is huge and there are tons of anime podcasts out there I listen to a few myself if your an older fan who watched a lot of older things check the Anime World Order podcast at http://www.awopodcast.com/ they’ve been podcasting for along time and mainly focus on older shows from the 80s and 90s where we tend to jump around with new and old alike.

    Thanks again for checking us out I humbly disagree with your opinion but I hope you find a podcast you can enjoy.

    — Jellokun.

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