Episode #190- Corpsing Around

Zac reviews Corpse Party the anime and the game. Jellokun talk about The Hentai Prince And The Stony Cat.



    • Give Me Box Sets or Give Me Death on August 12, 2014 at 9:25 pm
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    Good episode, I played Corpse Party on the PSP but didn’t catch the anime. The game was too spooky and gross, like the sole point was to try to freak you out. I like horror where getting scared is a side effect, like When They Cry.
    Jello, how could you forget your nickname for the quiet girl in HenNeko: Tuscaloosa-chan!

  1. Hey, Zac here!
    Thank you for the kind words about the episode! This one was a lot of fun to record because gaming is a life long passion, so anytime we can combine that with anime I’m ecstatic.

    I would like to defend the grotesque nature of Corpse Party (the game, the anime falls short and is gross) if you care to hear me out. I’ll start my saying first, this game is freaking difficult! The amount of hidden actions and conditions that must be preformed to reach the true end, is obscene at times. I feel the difficulty of the game lends itself to the chosen art and story scenarios. I found myself so engrossed in trying to solve the puzzles. The jarring and abrupt nature of the game to pull me out of clarity and flow of thought, created the perfect atmosphere, thus making it a side effect like you mentioned. Secondly, one of the most defining elements that this game had in my opinion is the bin-aural audio. The voice acting and sound effects were spot on! Combine that with the use of two microphones in the recording studio, and you have some killer, scare you to death, experiences on headphones. So while I can see why you found it gross at times, it was in no way over the top. It stayed true to its theme throughout and made great use of the atmosphere and characters to promote the feeling of hopelessness.

    Now that my rant is over, we seem to be in opposite boats as I’ve seen When they cry but haven’t played it yet. I plan on doing so in the future. As for the Corpse Party anime you could probably skip it.

    Thanks again for the comment,
    Zac Dawes

      • Give Me Box Sets or Give Me Death on September 22, 2014 at 8:50 pm
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      It was pretty good, maybe it’s just me that I don’t like pure horror and there wasn’t really a good mystery or clever twist to it. I agree on how hard it is, I never got a good end…

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