Oct 19 2014

Episode #194 – Top 5 Studios

kyoaniJellokun & Zac rate their top 5 studios along with what they are watching in the new season and DVD Picks!


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  1. Jon

    Very enjoyable show, but what happens during the first 35min of the show? It is silent when I play it.

    1. Jellokun

      Hi Jon,

      The episode has been re-uploaded in its entirety 🙂

  2. anime joe

    If you would have asked me what my favorite studios are in my early Anime Days, I would have said Kyoto Animation and Shaft. New Kyoto Animation (post Hyouka) really disappoints me, but I check out every Shaft show.
    I also like most Gainax anime I’ve seen, except Medaka Box.

    1. anime joe

      PS I forgot about JC Staff! Awesome as well!

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