Jan 28 2011

Episode #102 – Nursing The Gantz

Zaldar gives his first impressions of Amazing Nurse Nanako and Jellokun talks about the one night only world premier of Gantz the movie. Plus new anime license announcements, Funimation must stop all fansub piracy and more. Check out both trailers for yourself after the jump


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  1. Tclynch

    Thought Gantz the anime was like watching an anime version of a car accident. It was JUST interesting enough where I watched the whole thing and would never watch it again.
    Currently watching Demonbane and on episode 5. So far, better than expected.

  2. Jellokun

    Good luck with Demonbane 🙂 Thanks for the comments!!

  1. Banzai Beat talks Gantz, licensing news | Otakast Radio Network

    […] Episode #102 – Nursing The Gantz. […]

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