Aug 27 2016

Episode #228 – Fanservice & Tacos

Webornre back after a long month and half and we bring you anime reviews! Zac reviews High school DxD Born and Jellokun reviews Mayo Chiki! plus somehow we get into a discussion of a great Taco joint in Austin Texas.


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  1. Mainwarudo Kohna

    Dear Bansai Beat,
    Keep doing what you’re doing. You guys go above and beyond everything I expected when I first started listening to your podcast, which just so happened to be the first podcast I had ever listened to. I love listening to it. Thank you for being absolutely awesome. You guys are the best. Also, I have watched a lot of the shows you reviewed and gave me ideas of what to watch next. Excellently done reviews.

    1. Jellokun

      Thanks for the kind feedback! Any shows you think we should check out?

      1. Mainwarudo Kohna

        Check out Akuma no Riddle and Phi Brain Puzzle of God.

      2. Mainwarudo Kohna

        Check out Akuma no Riddle

        1. Jellokun

          Akuma No Riddle was reviewed back on episode 185.

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